About the company

Who are we?

PROHIT is engaged in the provision of comprehensive claim management. Our services comprise comprehensive pre-legal and legal collection of claims, taking into account all of the applicable insolvency, civil and succession procedures. All of the legal options are used to ensure that your unpaid receivables will be paid. In its field of expertise, PROHIT is the market leader in the country and works hard in order to maintain this position in the future.

Our major references include clients from the telecommunications, banking and insurance sectors, but also many others, as our services are provided to both legal entities and natural persons. If you are dealing with a situation in which your clients are no longer paying your bills and you do not have an effective internal system in place, then PROHIT has a solution for you. Working with us is simple and has many advantages:

  • Comprehensive implementation of collections – collections are done by phone or via pre-legal and legal routes, including civil, insolvency and succession procedures.
  • Quicker payment of receivables with systematic conduct of the collection scenario.
  • Management of electronic files, including a legally compliant archiving system.
  • Possibility of online access to our software applications for pre-legal and legal collections.
  • The fee for our services is based solely on the actual recoveries, without any fixed charges.

What do you need to do?

If you wish to have all of your debts collected professionally, effectively and quickly, call us at +386 8 200 37 80 or send us an e-mail at: izterjave@prohit.si to arrange a meeting.

ID card

Prohit d.o.o.
Tržaška cesta 37 A
2000 Maribor, Slovenia
Phone +386 2 555 20 30
Tax number: SI37305760
Registration number: 6124810000
IBAN SI56 2900 0005 0569 255 (UNICREDIT BANKA SLOVENIJA d.d.)

Prohit through the years

Our beginnings

PROHIT began its operations in 2012 and in just a few years it has managed to become the leading debt collection agency in the Republic of Slovenia.
From the very beginning of our operations, a Development Department was established which designs its own solutions and adapts them to the needs of even the most demanding clients. The company thus boasts a strong team of development engineers which takes care of the optimization of all collection processes, safe data exchange, and legally compliant data archiving. We are proud of our unique software, which is the product of in-house development and is based on many years of experience generated through the cooperation of our lawyers and software developers. As a result of this, the company is capable of simultaneously working on a virtually unlimited number of cases while still ensuring the clarity and transparency of all steps of the debt collection process. We always strive to adapt our work to the wishes and needs of our clients.

Call us today at +386 2 555 20 30 or
send us an e-mail at izterjave@prohit.si

Why choose Prohit?

PROHIT specializes in comprehensive claim management and charges for its services solely based on the realized recoveries. In this industry, PROHIT is the market leader in Slovenia. It employs many professionals from the fields of economics, law, IT and marketing. We are trusted by both the largest Slovene companies and by smaller creditors. PROHIT is the first choice exactly because of its professionalism and the constantly improving quality of its services. With us, you will get your money in the shortest possible time, while having complete and full access and control over the conduct of the debt collection process. Since we will deal with your debtors and this task will be completely relinquished to us, you will be able to focus on your primary business activities. By making such a decision, you will also protect your own health and the health of your employees while boosting your organizational climate and work atmosphere, which are the key prerequisites of success in any endeavor.
PROHIT provides comprehensive pre-legal and legal collections. Having our own call center enables us to work in two shifts, so that our operators can reach the maximum number of people and convince them to pay their liabilities.

Social responsibility

In the field of employee relations, PROHIT continually fosters the development of its staff, promotes workplace wellbeing and encourages employees to maintain a healthy balance between their work and private lives. The Company also makes systematic investments in the continuous training of its employees, while stimulating their innovative thinking and encouraging them to engage in volunteer work for non-profit organizations.

By way of sponsorships and charitable donations, PROHIT invests in its local communities and participates in the activities of various humanitarian and other organizations. PROHIT is also a member of the Institute for the Development of Social Responsibility IRDO (www.irdo.si) and cooperates with it during various socially responsible campaigns.

PROHIT is very much aware of the environmental impact of humans and therefore strives to save energy and also separately collects waste. In its day-to-day operations, it aims to use electronic means as much as possible and also tries to reduce its carbon imprint by encouraging its employees to use public transportation or cycle to work.

PROHIT promotes the business development and success of our clients, developing new products and services together with them to rationalize the related procedures and improve the efficiency of all work processes. Our clients are regularly informed of any new advances in our field of expertise and provided with current information necessary for their efficient work and development. The claims of our suppliers are paid regularly and within the agreed-upon time limits and together with them we strive for joint development and reinforcing of social responsibility.

PROHIT is also aware that were are all dependent on one another and form an indivisible part of the environment in which we operate, so it cultivates a respectful attitude towards the community at large and all of its partners.

We operate according to the principles of social responsibility, i.e. with integrity and in a transparent, ethical manner. We are also competent for our field of work and respect the interests of the involved stakeholders, as well as abide by the rule of law, international norms and human rights standards.