Claim monitoring

Do you wish to collect even the smallest sums which are not considered cost-effective?

Claim monitoring is the last option a creditor can employ to recover its trade receivables which have been written off or for which value adjustment has been made in the accounting records. Such services usually involve the collection of smaller sums, which for economic reasons are not considered worthy of being filed at the court, as well as higher amounts of trade receivables where the creditors do not choose to follow the legal route based on other business reasons. Using a special software application, PROHIT can also merge the trade receivables of several creditors from a single debtor and prepare a draft reminder stating their aggregate amount. As the initial tools, phone collection and written reminders are used, but in the case of nonpayment these may be intensified by initiating enforcement procedures, whereby PROHIT as the contractor pays the full amount of the court fees.
€ in court fees
and more EUR collected a day
reminders sent each month
PROHIT charges its fees for the services rendered based on a prior agreement with the client. We also offer the advantage of partial or full collection for those claims which have already been written-off, along with orderly bookkeeping documents, but above all, the client is not charged for any fixed costs.

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