Who are we?

We are a company that can organize and prepare a comprehensive plan for managing your claims, depending on the type, amount and maturity of the claims. In this field, we are the leading company in Slovenia and we strive to provide the clients only the best solutions.  Annually, we manage 47,000 claims on average and we collect as much as 25 million €. We have earned the trust of many Slovenian companies. The best references are our clients from the telecommunications, banking and insurance sectors and many others.

What should you do?

Call us at +386 2 555 20 30 or send an e-mail to: terjatve@prohit.si.

Company Profile

Prohit d.o.o.
Tržaška cesta 37 A
2000 Maribor
phone +386 2 555 20 30
Tax ID number: SI37305760
Registration number: 6124810000
IBAN SI56 2900 0005 0569 255 (UNICREDIT BANKA SLOVENIJA d.d.)

Prohit’s Values

The values are the heart of every company’s culture. At Prohit, the values were formed by all employees. We identify with them and they give meaning to our work. They represent and agreement regarding the manner how we cooperate, create and build relationships, reach our goals and make our vision true.
All employees must live with the same vision, for the same values and must have the same strategy in order to come as close to the set goals as possible and in order to achieve the highest quality of our life together as possible. We have identified those values that are welcome and useful in our company.
  • Trust is formed based on our actions over a certain period of time.
  • The basis for trust are good interpersonal relationships that are also important for belonging at the company. Belonging is strengthened through events, socializing and team building.
  • Trust in ourselves and others, colleagues and management.
  • We are a trustworthy entity.
  • Trust and belonging are reflected in the honesty and encouragement of the employee’s satisfaction and, at the same time, serve as a foundation for achieving good business results.
  • Respecting the ideas, opinions, personalities, differences and diversity of opinions. Every person that enters through the doors of our company is worthy of respect, unless they create a different opinion about them with their behaviour and acts.
  • Interpersonal respect and honesty towards employees and business partners.
  • Empathy (love) towards oneself, work, colleagues and the environment.
  • The ability to have compassion, care for oneself and others, to see through someone else’s eyes with the help of our judgement and experience.
  • The correct approach, communication and positivity.
  • Responsibility for oneself, our work and other individuals at the company.
  • Awareness of and accepting responsibility, accepting responsibility for errors and accepting responsibility for the best solution.
  • Professionalism in our field, education in our field, the correct application of all knowledge and means available to us, and constant training. We are emotionally mature when performing our work.
  • Commitment and participation in work, the team, the company. Bonding, tolerance and mutual trust.
  • Positive energy, humour, mutual assistance, encouragement and awareness that we have common goals and vision.
  • Wilfully striving for good will with the awareness that the behaviour of all members affects the team.
  • Spontaneity, taking into account individuals’ ideas, socializing and joint projects.
  • We have a map with a goal that we pursue.
  • We strive to achieve our goals.
  • Continuously, we set new goals for which there is no doubt that we will achieve.
  • We ensure we direct the flow of our thoughts and energy towards the set goals and the desired vision, at the individual level as well as company level, while taking into account the limits of our environs.

Call us today at +386 2 555 20 30
or send an e-mail to terjatve@prohit.si

Our Advantages

Prohit  specializes in preparing and implementing various claims management strategies. We have earned the trust of the larges Slovenian companies and numerous smaller creditors. We are the right choice for you because of our expertise and because we are constantly adapting to modern trends in our field.
By entrusting us to organize the management of your claims, you will be able to focus more on performing your primary activity. This way, you shall ensure the health of your company and the health of your employees, you shall improve the working atmosphere and the mood of your employees which is key for achieving any success.
We charge for services exclusively based on realizing the claims.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility at our company is a concept according to which, besides ensuring successful operation, we also include in our business policy the care for everyone come in contact with during our operations. This means the care for employees for whom  we provide a safe and suitable working environment, respect for local and international standards of work and human rights, an hones relationship to customers and suppliers and a conscientious relationship with the nature and the environment.
We also ensure development and successfulness of our clients. Together with them we develop strategies and models of comprehensive claims management and strive to  improve the payment discipline which is the foundation of our mission.