Comprehensive Debt collection

Out of court debt collection

In cooperation with a partner attorney’s office, we have formed a call centre that shall work on behalf of your customers throughout the day. Based on years of experience we have found how important it is to establish early contact with debtors, which results in faster payment of the debt and an improvement of payment discipline. The key to success is thus a quick reaction to every late payment, which means that the optimum time to begin the proceeding is immediately after the due date. The operators in the call centre continually attend trainings and acquire knowledge about modern methods and skills of effective communication.
An integral part of the strategy for debt collection in out-of-court procedures is the combination of telephone and written reminders, negotiations with debtors, searching for new addresses in publicly accessible bases, sending text messages and electronic messages.

Court debt collection

It is important to initiate court proceedings against those who have not payed the debts in out-of-court procedure without undue delay by filing an enforcement. Annually, clients entrust us with approximately 17,000 claims in court debt collection. The strategies of court debt collection differ and are mainly dependent on the type, amount, and age of claims, whether they are insured or not or if the debtors are natural persons or legal entities. In the event of unpaid claims in the enforcement proceedings, we also manage claims during all the subsequent proceedings, such as contentious procedure, insolvency proceedings and inheritance proceedings.

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