Purchase of claims

Purchase of Bank Portfolios

Prohit d.o.o. acts as a reliable partner for foreign investment funds that are deciding to purchase larger bank portfolios. The cooperation is performed on all levels/points of the procedure for purchasing a portfolio, namely from submitting the first non-binding offer to taking over the portfolio for management.
Along this, we offer the investors the general legal and tax-related support that is necessary in order to perform the portfolio takeover procedure successfully.

Forward Flow Agreement

What is a Forward Flow Agreement? (FFA)
FFA is an agreement with which the seller and buyer agree on a permanent sale of claims, under pre-determined conditions. The conditions vary, but the most common are:
  • elapsed time since the expired due date of the claim,
  • amount of the principal,
  • existence of documentation,
  • division by the type of basis.
The contracting parties in an FFA can thus agree on a permanent purchase of claims under the above conditions at a pre-determined price.  Usually, such agreements are made for a period from one to two years with a successive, quarterly sale of claims.
The services of permanently purchasing claims are becoming in Europe, especially in the field of bad debt, increasingly more popular, not only in the banking sector, but also in telecommunications, insurance and other sectors.

Purchase of Unpaid Enforcements without Repayment

At Prohit, we call enforcements where all enforceable means have been suspended “the 9-year calendar enforcements”. From the suspension on of all proposed enforceable means, the creditors have an option to file and enforcement action for the next 10 years.
We are offering you a new service on the market, namely the purchase of suspended and unpaid enforcements. It is crucial to quickly perform the entire process when we detect a new asset of the debtor. For this purpose, we must make frequent inquiries for which suitable infrastructure is needed (CRM) that must be able to process a large number of inquiries in a relatively short timeframe.
The only way for this service to be advisable is for this to be performed by artificial intelligence which we have already largely implemented into our infrastructure and which provides positive results.

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