Legal collection

Time is money. Save both.

Not all debtors pay their debts during the course of the pre-legal procedure. Once all of the options have been exhausted, legal collection should be promptly initiated. This can either be done by the client, or all of the enforcement, civil and succession procedures are done by PROHIT.
The advantage of legal collection of claims lies primarily in legal coercion, because debt is enforced independently of the will of the debtor, be it a legal entity or a natural person.
The process of legal collection begins with the filing of an enforcement application with the competent court and is completed when the debt has been repaid in its entirety, when all of the proposed means of enforcement have been exhausted, or when the debtor no longer has any available assets to enable their seizure.
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For the legal collection process, PROHIT employs highly qualified lawyers and also engages external attorneys, including IT support which enables transparency, flexibility, quicker recoveries and higher effectiveness. PROHIT has also acquired an appropriate permit from the Ministry of Justice of the RS for package filing of enforcement applications. This means that a greater number of enforcement applications can be filed simultaneously via the electronic route, thus enabling the optimization of court fee payments by clients, because the court fees for an entire package of debtors can be paid with a single transaction.
For active communication with debtors during enforcement procedures, we use PROHIT’s own call center, which also has an appropriate IT to support all legal collection processes.

Civil, insolvency and succession procedures

Upon client request, PROHIT can provide all services related to inheritance, substantive and succession law.

Review of existing enforcement files in hardcopy form

This service is intended for those clients who still maintain their records in hardcopy form or whose monitoring of collection procedures is only partially supported by IT tools. When our review has been completed, your enforcement procedures are continued via electronic routes using our application. Following such a review, any documentation in hardcopy form can be discarded, because in accordance with the legislation in force, our software application enables compliant electronic archiving of documents. In this way, we can offer an effective  solution for managing all types of information and documents acquired or created during the collection process.

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