Early phone collection

Let professionals handle communications with your debtors

Early phone debt collection is crucial. It is very important to start encouraging any debtor to pay as soon as possible after the due date. In this way, the formal reasons affecting non-payment can be solved already in the early phase..
For our phone debt collection services, we have the appropriate IT support in the form of integrated IP telephony, which ensures transparent work of our operators and optimal provision of our services. The relevant software records the time and content of each conversation, along with the agreement regarding payment by creating a chronological record of all communications with each debtor. Via the to-do list, the software also alerts the operators to those debtors who do not abide by the agreement, so that they are able to call them again and encourage them to pay.
operator calls a day
broken-down phone receivers a year
agreed-upon payments in installments a day
Our operators continually attend trainings at both internal and external seminars, at which they keep upgrading their existing knowledge and improving their communication skills. One should be aware that the field of debt collection is a very sensitive one and our operators mostly deal with difficult clients or people who have found themselves in difficult circumstances. It is therefore important to be especially tactful when communicating with them and to recognize their particular types of distress in order to communicate with them in an appropriate manner.
Early phone collection is also called “gentle” or “soft” collection and it operates on the principle of ”first come, first served”, as debtors tend to first pay those who regularly remind them.
Phone collection is one of the most powerful tools in the process of debt collection. Therefore, our call center operates in two shifts, from 8 am to 7 pm. By doing so, the company ensures an optimum use of acquired debtor contact information and thus achieves the highest possible efficiency.

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